Quarter 2

  • Engage regional health systems
  • MVP released
  • Launch initial pilots
  • MVP released in App Store
  • Security token Exchanges Open
  • Financing completed
  • Private pre-sale completed
  • Public Sales options via JOBS Act explored

Quarter 3

  • Healthful marketplace
  • Pilots completed
  • Regulated exchanges open
  • Public Sale planned based on JOBS Act Exemptions
  • Regional insurance plan and Third Party Adminstrator (TPA) pilots ensue

Quarter 4

  • Public platform available for download
  • Initial Pilots completed
  • Distribution Channels established

Quarter 1

  • Engage large national and international insurance companies and governments
  • National and international insurance plan partners established
  • Patient controlled marketplace for Life Sciences, Pharma

Quarter 2

  • Pharma, life science, and academic research organizations looking to leverage MintHealth’s growing dataset for research and development