Frequently Asked Questions

How to participate in the MintHealth Security Token Offering?

To participate in the MintHealth Security Token Offering Regulation D, please address your request to and indicate the currency and amount you’d like to contribute (the minimum is 10,000 USD).

Is there a minimum or maximum of MintHealth Security Tokens I can buy?

There is a $10,000 USD minimum per investor during the Regulation D Offering. You must also be an accredited investor. To learn more about being an accredited investor, click here.
Which payment methods will be accepted in the MintHealth Security Token Offering?

ETH (Ethereum), Bitcoin (Bitcoin) and USD will be the only method of payment accepted. If you would like to purchase using other coins, please use the ShapeShift web plugin.

What is the cap for the MintHealth Security Token sale?

The hard cap for the MintHealth Security Token sale is $23.5M USD (including maximum $1.07M USD raised during the Crowdfunding). There is no soft cap.

What’s the VIDA Token?

MintHealth Vidamints™ (VIDA) will operate as the rewards and incentive system on the MintHealth platform where Patients will earn VIDA as a reward for completing healthy activities. Patients will then be able to redeem VIDA for rewards in a similar fashion to frequent flier miles or other loyalty program point systems. In this case, the purchaser of the Vidamints will be insurance companies, corporate wellness programs, and any other entity that takes on the financial risk in caring for patients with diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, among many other preventable chronic conditions. The VIDA token will not be used for capital raising. It will be a loyalty/utility token that is sold at a fixed price and will be tracked and transparent via the Blockchain.

How will MHST work and incorporate with the VIDA token?

The MHST token will entitle holders to i) a 10% royalty percentage of revenues generated through the sale of VIDA by MintHealth and ii) equity ownership in MintHealth. This structure provides a unique balance of participation in ecosystem growth and an equity ownership stake in MintHealth as a company.


How will the VIDA token work for my company? I am a Payer.

Pilot programs with established partner organizations (See whitepaper section 3.8 for more on our partners) will drive initial adoption of Vidamints. By leveraging existing patient engagement platforms provided by MD Revolution, Inc., the MintHealth Platform will drive down healthcare costs of managing patients with or at risk for complications from chronic conditions (hospitalizations, emergency room visits, etc.). This would reduce the quantity and dollar amount of patient insurance reimbursement claims, ultimately reducing costs for Payers. Thus, these Payers have significant incentives to invest in an ecosystem such as MintHealth and purchase the Vidamint Token. Notably, the MD Revolution CCM platform has already demonstrated its capability to reduce healthcare costs at a 5x ROI for Payers in a chronic disease population.

How will the VIDA token work for my company? I am a Consumer Company.

Consumer 3rd party app companies (e.g. Fitbit, Diet Management, General Wellness, etc.) can provide VIDA to tokenize consumer behaviors of their respective user communities in order to:

Strengthen loyalty and retention of 3rd party developer end-user communities;
Provide app end-user access to a rich and diverse redemption marketplace of healthful products and services;
Provide a self-sovereign health record and history;
Facilitate access to end-user population behavior and outcomes analytics.

How will the VIDA token work for me, I am a Patient?

When a patient uses the MintHealth platform, he or she will receive rewards for being proactive about improving his or her health. Similar to an airline or debit/credit card reward program, patients and Providers will receive “status” benefits based on the total number of VIDA Tokens earned in a given year. Examples of such benefits include:

Discounts on insurance premiums
Discounts on co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses
Discounts on good and services provided by partner companies (e.g. pharmacies, physical therapy providers, spas, nutrition stores, etc.)
Access to special benefits (e.g. events, app features, exercise classes, merchandise, etc.)

Will there be a lock-up on MintHealth Security Tokens sold during the Offering?

Yes, there will be a 1 year lock-up for US investors and 4 months lock-up for non-US investors.

I didn’t see an answer to my question.

Send a request to and we will try to address your question.


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