Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a security token?

The security token is an SEC compliant security that can be publicly traded on token exchanges.

How will it work and incorporate with the VIDA token?

The MintHealth security token (MHST) entitles token holders to equity ownership in MintHealth and a percent of revenue generated by the sale of VIDA tokens to Ecosystem participants. The VIDA token provides complete transparency on the quantity and price of tokens that are sold, as well as complete transparency and verifiability of the royalty revenue that is payable to MHST token holders.

Do token securities trade on exchanges?

Yes, the security token will be available on public exchanges. We are currently evaluating potential exchanges and will make a public announcement soon.

Why does this new structure benefit me as an investor?

The MintHealth security token (MHST), entitles token holders to equity ownership in MintHealth as well as certain dividend and voting rights.

Why did you change the structure?

The security token more effectively balances the funding needs of the MintHealth platform, while providing the potential for a wide variety of applications, the most promising of which is the ability to issue tokens that represent shares of company stock.

Is there still a utility token?

Yes, the Engagement Token (VIDA) MintHealth will retain Vidamints (VIDA) as a pure utility token used by risk bearing entities (insurance plans, self-insured corporations, health systems, etc.) looking to reduce the cost of caring for moderate and high-risk patients and employees, as well as to build brand loyalty for companies similar to reward points for airlines and hotels. VIDA will enable existing patient care platforms to become Blockchain and token enabled via MintHealth application APIs.

Can I still get in on the pre-sale?

Yes. The date for the pre-sale will be announced on our Telegram channel and other social channels.

What happens if you’ve already put money in?

If you have already made an investment in MintHealth we will be contacting you shortly on next steps.