Patient Engagement Platform

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Improving quality of life with a patient centered health ecosystem by aligning incentives to improve outcomes that aligns healthcare stakeholders around the shared goal of patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes, at lower costs.

The Problem – a Global Healthcare Crisis

  • Chronic Disease Epidemic: 40 of the 56 million annual deaths globally occur from chronic conditions
  • Preventable: 80% of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke; and 40% of cancers are preventable
  • Aging Population: global aging is a major contributor to the chronic disease epidemic (e.g. in the US, over 3.5 million seniors are turning 65 every year, with 90% having at least one chronic condition)
  • The Medical Industry: spends vast resources battling the complications of these diseases, rather than preventing them

MintHealth Solution

MintHealth leverages blockchain technology to empower patients with a self-sovereign health identity – a global, holistic record of their medical data

Improved Clinical Outcomes

  • Awareness: interactive design to raise consciousness, evangelize and educate the patient
  • Social Support: active ecosystem to underpin social network interactions that have been empirically shown to facilitate favorable behavior modification for chronic diseases
  • Gamification: fun and engaging user experience to enhance favorable health behaviors and sustain long-term patient engagement
  • Vidamints: financial incentives to drive healthy behaviors in the form of tokens that are managed and adjudicated through the blockchain

Self-Sovereign Health Record

  • Empowers patients with control of and access to their global, unique, and persistent identity throughout the MintHealth ecosystem
  • Allows patient data – clinical and behavioral – to move seamlessly between patients, providers, and health systems in real time
  • Facilitates EHR interoperability to coordinate care and drive more effective patient outcomes while reducing overhead and burden on provider resources

Advanced Security Framework

Identity Management

Access Control

Fraud Preventation

Ecosystem Governance

  • Dedicated to fostering improved patient outcomes and ensuring patient rights
  • Regulatory and legal oversight for all stakeholders
  • Establishing trust between all stakeholders in the new ecosystem

MintHealth Collaborators

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